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Although Hyper-baric Oxygen Therapy is not a new process,

the creative approach the Wright 1000 Monoplace Hyper-baric Oxygen Chamber has taken, certainly is.


Key Benefits

Patient Friendly Features

Spacious SIX FOOT DIAMETER interior
Four Windows
Walk-in Ability - Minimizing claustrophobic feelings
Reclining Padded arm chair that rotates (Provides sit-in or walk-in ability)
Foot Rest
Hand Rails
Temperature Control (Heating & Cooling)
Available Video/Audio Entertainment Package
Communications System
Door can be opened from inside when depressurized

Operator Features

The Wright 1000 has combined ease of use with the highest level of safety. The vessel utilizes both and analog display,
redundant controls for safety, and clear separation of control panel for accurate input.

Operator Friendly control panel, clearly labeled for ease of use
Visual and Audible Alarm indicators
Multiple Redundant Safety Features
Oxygen Pressure and Flow control Shut Off
Sensitive Communications system with internal open microphone - 
    You always hear the patient, but mute feature is always on unless bypassed  by push button.
Treatment Timer
Macerator (similar to a kitchen sink disposal) for easy clean-up
Dual internal pressure monitoring (both analog and digital) with 
    programmable alarms.

Vessel Features

Variable Ventilation and Decompression with Flow Meter Dual internal pressure monitoring.
Analog and Digital - with programmable alarms. 

Reduced Line pressure gauge
Temperature Control
Adaptable connection for standard breathing mask
Two internal Breathing Gas ports
Switchable Breathing Gas (I.e. Oxygen to Ambient Air)
Pressurized with Filtered (Hospital Grade) Ambient for safer and cost effective operation
Oilless Scroll compressor and Filtration Package Included
Emergency Back-up Battery
Automatic pressure and flow control shut-off
Pressurization Safety control
Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Electrical valve safety to off and manual device
Programmed maximum vessel pressure shut-off
Sealed Power panel with Circuit Breakers
Built in power filtration (Surge & EMI)
Color Coded switch indicators
Emergency Decompressurize - Electrical and Manual - External and Internal
Dual Pressure Regulators
Keyed Electrical
Your Choice of Color
Removable Floor Plate
Easy access for maintenance repairs
Penetrator plate for future requirements
Pressure assists door seal
Fully Certified and Approved Vessel (FDA, ASME, PVHO, National Boiler Society) &   conforms with NFPA 99 & 70 Requirements
Latest Electromagnetic Testing Conforms to UL 2601

Benefits of Purchasing the Wright 1000

The Wright 1000 is committed to providing you with a superior Hyper-baric Oxygen Chamber that will provide many years of reliable service. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support, allowing you to concentrate on your patients and your practice.

Complete service, from installation, training, certification of operators, treatment 
     checklist and manual, operation manuals, and maintenance service contracts. 
      We also provide a technical support line for any questions that you may have
Low initial startup costs, with financing options. (See financing options page)
Ability to attract patients with non-claustrophobic, comfortable chambers
Minimal maintenance and overhead in operation.
Long vessel lifespan under normal usage.
Potential for high return on investment
Many indicators for Hyperbaric Therapy are routinely reimbursed by Medicare.

Indications for HBO Therapy

Air or gas embolism*
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & Smoke Inhalation*
Carbon Monoxide Complicated by Cyanide Poising
Clostridal Myonecrosis (Gas Gangrene)
Crush injury, Compartment Syndrome and other Acute Traumatic Ischemias
Decompression Sickness
Enhancement of Healing Selected Problems
Exceptional Blood Loss
Narcotizing Soft Tissue Infections (Subcutaneous Tissue, Muscle and Facia)
Osteomyelities (Refractory)
Radiation Tissue Damage (Osteoradionecrosis)*
Skin grafts and Flaps (Compromised)
Thermal Burns
Intercranial Abscess
Acute Peripheral
Edema (Including Spinal and Cerebral)*
Congestive Heart

Financing Options

We can provide a full array of financing options*. They include:

Straight Purchase Finance
Straight Lease
7 Year Lease Purchase with a 10% Market Buyout
7 Year Lease Purchase Finance with $1.00 buyout.
Revenue Split/Joint Venture

* All financing is subject to current terms and credit approval. Financing is provided by non-affiliated companies.

* The above indications which are marked with an * are those which are routinely reimbursed by Medicare

Wright 1000 Specifications

Maximum working pressure--30 PSIG/3 atmosphere (3 Bar Absolute)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure---45 PSIG
Pre Set Safety Valve Setting--32 PSI
Design Criteria

a) ASME PVHO-1a safety standards for pressure vessels for human occupancy
b) ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, section VIII division I pressure 
c) ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, section IX welding qualification and procedures
d) Code of federal regulation chapter I, part 820 good manufacturing practices for medical devices.
e) NFPA 99 1993 edition (F) registered with the national Board of Boiler and Pres- sure Vessel I Inspections.

Design temperature range-30o-150o F
 Weight & Dimensions

a) Shipping weight-Approximately 4000 lbs.
b) Length 88.5", Width 72", Height 75"

Chamber Volume--130 cubic feet (Approximately)
Electrical -National Electrical Code, 1993 Edition
Two Way Communications

a) Internal communications module, (speaker/microphone)
b) Speaker power less than 200 mill watts (MW).
c) Speaker microphone, 1.8 VDC, current limited by OHM register (1000 OHM)

Pressurization & Ventilation

A. Pressurization
1) Pressurization Time (to 3 atmospheres)
2) Pressurization Time (to 2 atmospheres)
3) Pressurization Time Normal fast/Normal slow

B. Ventilation
Minimum three (3) cubic feet per minute per person per NFPA 99, 1993 edition

 Pictures and Operational Views

1. Front

2. Controls

3. Inside Close

4. Inside

5. Overview with Controls

6. Inside Angle

7. Operations


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